Creation of spectroscopic methods for the understanding and control of interaction between light and matter

Light is closely related to matter. By examining light emitted from matter and/or irradiating the matter with light we can investigate and control its nature. In addition, measurement technology with light is very effective as a means for observation of the object that can not be touched directly by people or tools.

For example, a state of matter which contains ions and electrons is called a plasma and the plasma plays essential roles in many fields from a variety of device production processes to a fusion power plant which is expected to be a future energy source. It is also said, such as the sun, 99 % of the universe are in plasma states. We are making basic research to understand, use and control of various phenomena involving plasmas with developing new spectroscopic measurement techniques. In particular, we aim to improve the measurement performance of more than two orders of magnitude of the product of spectroscopic parameters such as wavelength resolution and range, intensity, sensitivity, time resolution, polarization, spatial resolution and range, from the fundamental and principled consideration rather than the simple improvement of a conventional method. By achieving such performance, we have found the various phenomena that had not been known.